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Suits For Success provides clothing for a New Dupage Jail Program offering appropriate free attire for inmates going into the workforce.

“We’re trying to help – Do our small part in getting them jobs. We want an equal playing field for any parolee that is interviewing for the job. With appropriate clothing, when they walk in they have confidence, and that’s what we’re trying to do,” said Bill Denwood President of Suits for Success

It’s all about trying to help inmates with rehabilitation and moving forward after paying their debt to society.

“This is just another arrow in the quiver. As I said, now they’re dressed for success. They’ve been here, they’ve done the work, they’re successful, they’ve graduated the programs, and then this is the next step of success where they can look the part they can go work in DuPage. Mike Beary is already lining up jobs for these gentlemen and now they can look the part. This is what rehabilitation is really about, ” said James Mendrick, Sheriff at DuPage County.

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