In November 2016 Stateville Prison in Illinois sent out a request for suits, sport coats and dress shirts to several organizations. The need in the prisons was great to have the men well dressed when they went out on interviews.

For the last three months, Bill Denwood has taken suits and shirts to Stateville. These came from Methodist, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches. On the way back from his last trip to Stateville he stopped into Steve Hirmer’s Dry Cleaners, Signature Cleaners, in Naperville. Steve gave him a half rack of shirts and suits. Together they thought of the idea of going statewide. In the ensuing two months, they called and met with the Executive Director of the ILL Professional Dry Cleaners, Sue Kratz. The group saw the huge need to get the parolees suits and shirts for the purpose of interviewing with prospective employers. Steve’s and his fellow dry cleaners will be collection points for donations from citizens and even go to donors with their vans to pick them up. It is truly a great community service.

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